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Reporting Live from Austin, Texas

When I say Yee you say Haw. Yee. ((haw)). So as you may have noticed on my Instagram page, Seth and I are currently on a cross country road trip. At the end of this road trip we will have been on the road for two weeks, visited 6 cities, 3 National Parks, and put an record number of miles on my car. But if you know me, you know that I love a road trip, and I have enjoyed every second of the last two weeks. I think Seth is the only person in the world I could spend that much time in the car with.We travel well together. Mainly because we are best friends, but we also like the same snacks.

Our second stop on the trip was Austin, Texas. Neither of us have visited here before so it was exciting to explore for two days together! So here are my recommendations for when you are reporting live from Austin!

Where to Stay:

The first question you need to ask yourself you want to stay in downtown Austin orrrrr farther away from the hustle and bustle. We opted to stay outside of the city at the Lost Parrot Cabins near Lake Travis. The property was SO SO SO cool. I cannot stress this enough. It was a colorful, quiet sanctuary.The property has four colorful cabins, a pool, a hot tub, a lit walking path through the woods, and a bar/ patio area. The art and decor on the property was Dia de Los Muertos themed. The hosts on the property were so kind too! This could be a fun place for a bachelorette weekend or just a girls trip!

Things to Do:

-Bats at Congress Bridge: Congress Bridge in downtown Austin is known for the bats that call the bridge home. Each night at sunset the bats take flights and it was really cool to see. While we were waiting for it to happen I was kind of scared that it would be like Batman when the bats are swarming around like crazy, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

-Lake Travis or Lady Bird Lake: We spent one afternoon at Lake Travis working on our tan lines...well my tan lines and Seth's sunburn. We decided to not kayak or paddle board because the time we had was limited, but there are plenty of places to rent them in Austin at both lakes. If we have more time when we visit Austin again, kayaks at sunset during the bat flight is a MUST for us.

-Rainey Street: We parked just across Congress Bridge and then followed the walking path along the river to Rainey Street. The best part about Rainey Street was that there were tons of options for food and drinks. We went to Lucille for a couple cocktails and then walked over to one of the food truck plazas. We got lobster rolls, french fries, and a frozen banana. *chefs kiss* I think my favorite part was sitting and people watching....I did watch a very drunk guy drop half of his pizza on the ground and pick it up and eat it.

Consider me a huge Austin fan. I will definitely be back here! We were only there for a couple days, so here are my recs for you if you're stopping for a quick weekend in the city! XOXO, Ris 🦋


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