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Reporting Live from Hicksville Trailer Palace

Joshua Tree, California.

This. Is. THE. Place. Hicksville Trailer Palace is my favorite place that I have reported live from to date (for many reasons). One of which being that this is the place Seth and I kissed and decided I would call him boy friend with no space. Another being it was a place to meet really cool people who were also escaping life responsibilities. And lastly, it’s located in the Yucca Valley and is a short drive to my favorite National Park, Joshua Tree. An added bonus is that Lana Del Rey recently filmed her music video for White Dress there.

Hicksville is off the grid and you have to drive down some dirt roads to get there, but the car wash is worth the adventure and fun that Hicksville offers. It is a desert escape for a weekend of fun, for you and your 21+ friends. Hicksville has themed trailers for your stay. We stayed in The New World trailer for the weekend, which was spacious and the perfect fit for four people. They also recently updated the kitchen area in this trailer!

Besides cool themed trailers, Hicksville has a handful of amenities to keep you busy throughout the day. The full day we had at Hicksville, Seth and I challenged his brother and his girlfriend to trailer park olympics.

the face of a loser

Seth and I were pretty confident we would take the gold home in most competitions, but that was sadly not the case. Mini golf? second place. Archery? not #1 (and we both hit a bullseye the night before). Ping Pong? no comment. Shuffleboard was the only competition we won….barely. Losers had to drink the *nasty* pumpkin beers Seth bought and jump in the ball pit. We made the most of our loss and happily got in the ball pit.

After olympics we cooled off in the pool and then grilled up some wieners and s’mores in the Tipi. We ended the night with stargazing from the roof hot tub and it was the cherry on top of a great day, despite the olympics loss for our team.

Check out Hicksville's website to see all their trailers, games, and availability for the year! Let me know if you are reporting live from there and I would be happy to send some restaurant recs for your drive in! I am looking forward to visiting Hicksville again with my girlie friends for a fun weekend!

xoxoxoxo, Ris 🦋


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