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Reporting Live from my "Bucket List"

I've never really been super invested in the idea of a bucket list. For as long as I can remember I've only had two things on my list of 'what I want to do before I say adiós to earth' and those two things are hiking the Grand Canyon and running a marathon. But a year ago I heard someone talking about the idea of 30 by 30, and I have been obsessed with the idea ever since. At first my thought was to travel to 30 countries by 30, and a year ago I shared my idea with my buddy (at the time) Seth....who hijacked my idea and decided he wanted to come along (which to be clear I am not upset about it). But here I am at 24.5 with no passport, so I have scrapped that idea and have transformed my 30 by 30 list to include things other than racking up frequent flyer miles.

So here she is....30 things I want to do before I turn 30

  1. Stay up to watch the sunrise on January 1st

  2. Run a half marathon

  3. finally get my passport

  4. Visit Australia and see a koala

  5. Live in a new place

  6. Learn to speak Spanish

  7. Adopt a cat

  8. Become a regular at a taco shop

  9. Solve a Rubik’s Cube…This has genuinely been on my New Years Resolution list for YEARS

  10. Play one game of golf…even if I’m terrible at it

  11. Eat a croissant at the Eiffel Tower...or three

  12. Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley with Seth

  13. See the Northern Lights

  14. Join a book club

  15. Eat a giant pizza in Italy

  16. Go on a cross country road trip....this is happening very soon *ekkkkk*

  17. Ride in the side car of a motorcycle...goggles, a helmet, and a leather jacket are a must with this one

  18. Take some dancing classes and definitely force Seth to come with

  19. Go to Alaska

  20. Host a themed dinner party

  21. Write a book…or maybe start writing in a journal regularly

  22. Win a giant stuffed animal at at carnival

  23. Apply for Survivor….idc if I get on, but I will at least apply...I'm just trying to blindside someone at tribal council

  24. Go to Niagara Falls

  25. Visit 10 National Parks I haven’t been to yet

  26. Collect 100 postcards

  27. Start a garden

  28. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

  29. Learn how to play poker

  30. Skydive!!!!

Maybe I'll do a yearly update of where I'm at on this list of things I WILL do before I turn 30. Would love to know if you have a bucket list or a 30 by 30 list....if so please share! If you don't, I hope I've inspired you to think about what might be on yours. XOXOXO, Ris 🦋


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